Human Rights Based Approaches in Ireland: Principles, Policies, Practice

Our Rights, Our future Human Rights based Approaches in Ireland: Principles, Policies and Practice, by International Human Rights Network and commissioned by Amnesty International, was launched at a conference in Dublin on 27 September 2005.

The Network was commissioned by Amnesty International's Irish section to develop a framework document on Human Rights Based Approaches as an advocacy tool for civil society.

Part I of the document outlines the historical evolution and core principles of human rights based approaches. Applying this template, Part II reviews the experience of applying those principles by key state and non-state actors in Ireland. The IHRN process was led by Patrick Twomey.


Amnesty International and IHRN are greatly indebted to the individuals and organizations that participated in the development of this report. We would also like to thank the Irish Times for their assistance in sourcing photographs. ISBN: 0-86210-386-X.